Affair Recovery Counseling

Are You And Your Partner Struggling To Heal From An Affair?

affair recovery counseling_1Has your relationship been threatened by infidelity? If your partner was unfaithful, are you struggling with feelings of abandonment or wondering if you’ve been thrown away for something “better?” Maybe you feel betrayed and are now preoccupied with a lack of trust. You may keep asking questions of your partner in a frantic quest to control the situation. You want reassurance and accountability, and it may feel like your relationship will never be the same. Has your self-esteem taken a hit, leaving you fearful that you weren’t good enough to satisfy your partner? Do you want to trust again and feel certain about the security of your relationship?

If you have been unfaithful, you may be feeling guilty and ashamed. You may wonder how you can make things up to your partner, and worry that you will never be able to. Or, you may be uncertain about whether or not you want to stay in your current relationship.

After an affair, it’s not uncommon for both partners to experience intense waves of emotions. You may feel angry, ashamed, guilty or lost. It may be hard for you and your partner to be in the same room, making getting through the day a painful and strained experience. You may not know if your relationship will survive, or be uncertain if you even want it to.

Countless Couples Experience Infidelity

Although you may feel alone and ashamed and reluctant to tell anyone about what you are going through, you are not alone. In fact, infidelity is very common. 30 to 60 percent of all couples will have an experience of infidelity. And, it happens even more frequently today, as the Internet and social media have opened up new avenues of communication.

When we are born, our first and most important relationship is with our parents. Ideally, it is a safe and trusting one. When we grow up, marriage is the next most important relationship. We believe that it will be as safe and long-lasting as our relationship with our parents. When a partner has been unfaithful, it creates a deep emotional wound.

Often, couples feel that they must make a fast and definitive decision when one partner has been unfaithful: divorce or stay together? This is an important decision, and making it in haste, when emotions are running high, can lead to even deeper wounds. The good news is that there is help. An experienced and compassionate therapist at Chupik Counseling can help you and your partner take the time to look at your relationship more deeply. This deep reflection during affair recovery counseling will allow you and your partner to make the best decision for you both.

Affair Recovery Counseling Can Help You Heal And Create A New Path Forward

If you are struggling with painful feelings, strainedaffair recovery counseling_2 communication and indecision about what to do next, Chupik Counseling can help. Our therapists provide a warm and reassuring environment, and are sensitive to the wound that has been created. Your therapist will support whatever road you end up going down—marriage, divorce or anything in between—and can help you take your time in making that decision. In affair recovery counseling, your therapist will work with you to investigate what happened and why, looking at the past, present and the future.

Once you have a sense of what you want for your relationship, affair recovery counseling becomes more solution-focused. In affair recovery counseling, both partners need help. Both you and your partner have been through a painful experience and will both have the opportunity to share your experience and feelings in sessions. An affair doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your relationship. Sometimes, it can be a wake-up call and lead to an even better relationship.

If you decide to continue with your relationship, your therapist can provide you with support and guidance. The therapist will help you develop effective relationship skills as you heal. Communication exercises are one of the many relationship skills you will begin to practice in between sessions. While affair recovery can be difficult, learning relationship skills can help you see that there is hope for the future.

Even if you’re feeling alone, confused, angry or ashamed right now, there is hope for healing and recovery. With a willingness to explore your relationship and the help of a skilled, compassionate therapist, you can process the infidelity together, strengthen your relationship and move forward with more confidence and connection.

But, you may still have questions and concerns about affair recovery counseling…

What if the therapist blames me for the problems in the relationship?

Our marital therapists at Chupik Counseling are committed to working with you on your relationship, not on individual behavior. Counseling offers a safe, judgment-free space for both you and your partner to understand what changes you need to make to create the relationship you want. You are both are good people—it is the relationship that is in trouble. Your therapist can provide a neutral view of the relationship, and has the experience to offer perspective and tools that benefit the relationship as a whole, rather than one partner.

I’m afraid of sharing such a private thing with a stranger.

After an instance of infidelity, many couples want to keep what happened between them. However, it is in situations like these that most couples seek counseling and really benefit from outside help. While right now it may feel overwhelming to think about revealing what has been happening to a therapist, most people feel relieved after they begin to share their experiences. Sharing a secret can take away the burden that has been weighing you down. Telling a compassionate, helpful person in a confidential environment is often the first step toward healing. You are no longer alone.

What if affair recovery counseling doesn’t help?

After an affair, you may feel that your relationship will never recover or that you will never be able to move forward. Although there is no guarantee that you will find counseling helpful, it will offer you and your partner a safe place to discuss your feelings and how you want to proceed forward.

You Don’t Have To Navigate Effects Of An Affair On Your Own

If you and your partner are ready to heal and explore what’s possible following infidelity, or if you have additional questions about working with the therapists at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact us and schedule a first session.