Anxiety Treatment

Has Anxiety Taken Control Of Your Life?

Are you overwhelmed by fear or worry? Maybe your mind is busy all the time, filled with thoughts about everything that could possibly go wrong. Perhaps you think so much about potential problems at work, home or in your relationships that you have trouble getting things done, or even getting through the day.anxiety_treatment_1

Have you found yourself avoiding social events and obligations because being around people is too stressful? You may find it difficult to give presentations at work, attend large gatherings or make small talk with strangers. If these fears are causing you to miss out on important opportunities, personally or professionally, you may be feeling ashamed or hopeless. You may wonder if anxiety will always keep you from the life you want.

Is worry, fear or panic causing problems at work, home or in relationships? Do you wish you could find a sense of peace? Do you just want to feel loved and accepted for who you are?

There Are Many Types Of Anxiety

People experience many different types of anxiety. You may be struggling with pervasive worries about everything in your life—money, work, family, relationships, etc. Or, you may find that social interactions in particular trigger your anxiety. Perhaps you have panic attacks, which can come on suddenly and be quite debilitating. You may feel like you are having a heart attack and can’t breathe. Even if these experiences only happen occasionally, they can cause so much distress that you constantly worry about having another one. If you have been through a trauma, you may suffer from PTSD and experience flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive memories and other symptoms. With all of these types of anxiety, you may have difficulty sleeping or experience stress and physical symptoms. Anxiety can affect all areas of your life, and you may find that navigating the many obligations of work, family and personal fulfillment has led to stress and exhaustion.

Anxiety is very common in our culture, with 18.1 percent of U.S. adults seeking treatment each year. Fortunately, treatment is very effective. While anxiety is sometimes treated with medication, therapy that focuses on coping skills can help you deal with your symptoms, rather than just suppressing them. In addition to learning coping skills, it can also help to simply talk about what you are struggling with.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Let Go Of Fear And Find Freedom

If you’re struggling with anxiety, there is hope. The compassionate, knowledgeable therapists at Chupik Counseling can help you understand and cope with your symptoms. You can learn how to calm down and take care of yourself. With anxiety treatment, you can find peace and confidence.

Our experienced therapists are familiar with many different anxiety treatment modalities and will focus on you as an individual to create a tailor-made treatment plan. Mindfulness-based strategies can help you get in touch with your anxiety in the moment, so you can control your symptoms rather than them controlling you. You can learn how to connect with your mind and body in the present moment and recognize that you don’t have to be controlled by anxious thoughts. Our therapists can help you slow down and find peace.

anxiety_treatment_2Our approach to anxiety treatment is collaborative and interactive. We welcome your feedback, and you can determine the direction of your treatment, drawing on our knowledge and experience. We offer coping skills and strategies that can help you calm anxiety, ease your mind and promote peace in your life. Our goal is to make ourselves obsolete, for you to be empowered, not dependent on anxiety counseling.

With anxiety treatment, you can experience increased well-being, greater relaxation and deeper satisfaction with your life. As you learn to quiet your mind and reduce stress levels, you can begin to see possibilities that were once limited by anxiety. With support and guidance, you can discover more freedom and peace of mind

You may feel that you are ready to seek support for your anxiety, but still have questions or concerns about anxiety treatment…

Do I really need anxiety treatment? Shouldn’t I be able to handle this on my own?

You may feel that seeking support is a sign of weakness or inadequacy. In fact, entering anxiety counseling is a sign of strength. Seeing a therapist is a way of proactively taking control of your life. It takes courage to begin the healing process, and picking up the phone to make an appointment is one of the most difficult steps in anxiety treatment. That phone call represents a concrete step towards freedom from anxiety.

I don’t want to share my personal problems with a stranger.

While it can feel strange and awkward to reveal your thoughts and emotions to someone you’ve just met, there are benefits to talking with someone outside of the ordinary context of your life. A therapist doesn’t come with any emotional baggage and has no other role in your life. Anxiety counseling is all about you. In anxiety treatment, the relationship between you and your therapist develops over time. You can take your time and only reveal as much as is comfortable for you at the beginning.

I’m afraid treatment will make me more anxious and bring up things I don’t want to think about.

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, you may be avoiding thoughts, situations and people that make you feel anxious. You may have become afraid of the feeling of anxiety itself. The cycle of anxiety and avoidance can become a fixed pattern that is difficult to break, and you may feel that staying in it is easier than confronting the things you have been avoiding. You might be worried that you’re not strong enough to cope with the feelings and thoughts at the root of your anxiety. But, you are strong enough. In anxiety treatment, you will be supported in your journey and can discover your strength in a safe, compassionate space. Avoidance can lead to more suffering, and breaking the cycle can leave you free to live the life you want.

You Can Find Relief, Peace And Joy

You don’t have to struggle with anxiety alone. If you still have questions about anxiety treatment at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact our office and schedule an initial session.