Childhood ADHD Treatment

Are You Worried About Your Child’s Ability To Organize And Focus?

child adhd treatment_2Is your child experiencing difficulty with concentration, social interaction, time management or organization? Is your child hyperactive or does he or she struggle to follow directions? Perhaps your child’s teachers report that he or she is having trouble focusing or completing assignments? Maybe your child is not making progress academically, despite being smart and capable. All these things can lead to low self-esteem, frustration and depression.

Has your child’s challenging behavior caused strife and conflict within your home? Maybe life has become a string of forgotten homework assignments, missed deadlines and arguments over boundaries. It may feel like other families have everything together, while you are struggling to keep your child on track, both at home and at school. Do you wish you had the tools to help your child thrive in all settings—at school, at home and in social relationships?

Many Children Struggle With ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is common, affecting 7 to 9 percent of all American children. While it has become more widely talked about in recent years, families that struggle with ADHD can still feel very alone and without the support and resources at school or in the community to help their child manage challenges. ADHD can make parenting and family dynamics feel like a constant struggle, especially when your child’s troubles with concentration and impulse control affect the whole family. You may feel like a bad parent or wish that you felt less frustrated by your child’s behavior.

It’s important to remember that ADHD is a behavioral condition that affects the executive functions of the brain, such as time management, organization and concentration. Although it may feel like things will never get better, treatment is highly effective. An effective ADHD treatment for children with an experienced therapist can help you and your child develop the tools and access the resources needed to effectively manage your child’s challenges.

ADHD Treatment For Children Can Help Your Child Build Confidence And Feel Successful

Beautiful elementary student sitting on the floor with her school friends and preparing for class

Our therapists provide ADHD treatment strategies aimed at children that help build organizational skills and teach tools for maintaining attention. These concrete, proven and effective skills can help your child gain control over symptoms. The positive feedback your child receives as he or she integrates these strategies into his or her life can build self-esteem and encourage your child to make more positive changes. Your therapist will work with your child on self-monitoring—noticing symptoms in order to address them in real time. Often, children struggling with ADHD are not aware of their behaviors, and our therapists provide strategies that help them increase self-awareness and gain control over their behaviors. Increased self-control can help your child feel more empowered and less helpless. We also offer mindfulness strategies, which help with focus, attention and relaxation. The combination of these skills can lead to a significant reduction in ADHD symptoms and contribute to your child’s feelings of self-mastery and success. Improvements at home and school help your child’s academic success, self-esteem and relationships with others.

Our therapists also offer help for the whole family, beginning with involving parents in diagnostic evaluations. We believe that treatment works best when everyone is involved. We can offer you tools to set up organizational structures at home and measure progress as your child works toward his or her goals. Your therapist can provide you with parenting techniques specific to children with ADHD and help you set limits with your child. When your whole family is on the same page and can help one another with implementing the tips and tools your therapist suggests, everyone in your child’s life can share the experience of positive change. Because your child’s struggles with ADHD impact home life, improvement in symptoms can lead to a better experience for the whole family.

Treatment at Chupik Counseling is individualized, person-centered and compassionate. Our experienced therapists have a wide range of strategies, approaches and tools that have been effective for many families. Every child and family is different, and your therapist will work with you to find the best plan for you. No matter what, you can expect your therapist to listen deeply and carefully to what your child and family is experiencing; and provide a space where all family members can express themselves freely.

But, you may still have concerns and questions about ADHD treatment for children…

What about medications? Some parents have said that medication is the only way to treat ADHD.

While ADHD is frequently treated with medication, studies have shown that a combination of medication and therapy is the most effective treatment approach in most cases. However, it is important to note that medication is not always needed, and you will need to consult with a psychiatrist or MD to determine if medication is right for your child. Our therapists cannot prescribe medication or manage them. However, we will be happy to work with your doctor or refer you to a psychiatrist who can help you with that aspect of treatment. Therapy is an excellent way to augment medication, if you choose to use it, or therapy can be useful as the sole method for ADHD treatment for children.

I’m not sure my child really has ADHD. What if he or she is just going through a phase of acting out?

It can be hard to determine the root cause of an issue, especially when you are emotionally involved in the situation. Our therapists offer comprehensive evaluations to determine if your child has ADHD or possibly another issue that is contributing to your child’s behavior. We can offer you suggestions on treatment once ADHD or another issue is determined to be contributing to your child’s distress. There is no need for you and your child to struggle when there are solutions available.

Will my child ever perform at or above age level?

ADHD has nothing to do with level of intelligence. While your child may be struggling in school now, ADHD treatment for children can provide organizational and self-management strategies that are often life changing. When ADHD symptoms are controlled, children who once had trouble in school begin to thrive and work to their true potential.

Your Child And Family Can Find Relief, Support And Guidance Through ADHD Treatment For Children

You don’t have to try to navigate your child’s struggles on your own. If you still have questions about ADHD treatment for children at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact our office and schedule an initial session.