Couples Counseling

Is There Something Missing In Your Relationship?

couples counseling_1Are you and your partner struggling to communicate and connect? Do you feel that your partner isn’t attentive to your needs or that he or she doesn’t value or understand you anymore? Do you wish your partner would express more admiration for you or that there was more intimacy in your relationship? Maybe the attention given to kids and careers has replaced the time you once spent together. Or, perhaps you no longer share in each other’s interests. You may be feeling like your relationship is less of a priority than it once was and wish that you could reignite the spark that you used to share.

Over the course of a long-term relationship, couples often find that there are difficulties that they have trouble resolving on their own. You may be coping with infidelity, conflicts over kids or money, troubles with communication or engaging in frequent arguments. Sometimes, you may simply feel that a connection has been lost, and that something just isn’t right.

Relationships Often Need A Tune-Up

Our intimate relationships are deeply important, and when they change or are threatened, it can feel confusing, lonely and even frightening. It’s not uncommon for partners to drift apart after many years together or significant life transitions. And, it’s also not uncommon to worry that you will never feel connected again. Maintaining relationships is often challenging, and most couples will need a bit of help during some period in their relationship.

Changes of all kinds can put stress on a relationship. Although it’s an occasion for joy, the birth of a child can be disruptive. The stress of having a new child can put a strain on the relationship as the baby often becomes the focus of one or both partner’s attention. It is important to reconnect, and that can be difficult to do on your own.

Changes in mid-life, such as kids leaving home or retirement, can also cause relationship difficulties. You may feel a need to do things differently but are uncertain how to do so. Security is wonderful, but it can also lead to boredom. Working with a therapist can help you figure out creative solutions to find excitement in this time of change.

When problems arise in a relationship, both people are in pain. It is not one person’s fault, and both you and your partner can contribute to the solution. When you are in the midst of a relationship problem it can be difficult to see how things could be better. But, there is hope. With couples counseling and the help of our therapists, you can work through relationship challenges and create a new path forward for you and your partner.

Couples Counseling Can Help You And Your Partner Reconnect

Couples counseling provides you and your partner with a safe place to identify, express and address the issues that are impacting communication and connection and creating challenges in your relationship. One of our couples therapists can help you and your partner figure out what you want and discover the best ways to meet your relationship goals.

Your therapist will get to know both you and your partner as individuals, as well as learn about your story as a couple—how you met, what attracted you to each other initially, what you like about each other and what expectations you have for the relationship. This information can help to determine what you and your partner want for your relationship. Maybe that is more affection, more help around the house, more communication or a wide variety of other things. In sessions, you can discover what’s keeping you from meeting each other’s needs and learn how to fulfill each other moving forward.

couples counseling_2You won’t just talk about feelings in couples counseling. Our therapists teach communication skills and offer concrete strategies to help improve the problems that you and your partner have identified. Changing behaviors takes practice, and your therapist can help by offering exercises that you can put into place in your day-to-day life. You can learn and practice exercises that will give you the tools and skills needed to move forward.

With the help of an experienced therapist, effective strategies and the willingness to examine yourselves and your relationship, you can create significant, healthy changes in your relationship. You and your partner can become more attentive to each other, more sensitive to each other’s needs, and enjoy increased connection and move forward as a team.

But, you may still have questions and concerns about couples counseling

What if the therapist blames me for the problems in my relationship?

Often one or both partners are reluctant to try counseling because they fear they will be blamed or judged. Our therapists are committed to working with you on the relationship. Couples counseling offers a safe, judgment-free space for both you and your partner to understand what changes you need to make to have the relationship you want.

What can a stranger offer that I can’t do myself or with help from friends and family?

You may feel that your relationship should be a private space and you may be reluctant to share intimate details with a stranger. Or you may be accustomed to talking through problems with a friend or family member. However, sometimes issues arise that can benefit from discussion with an experienced, third-party professional.

Friends and family have a tendency to side with whichever partner they are closer to and can have trouble giving unbiased advice. They are often emotionally invested in your relationship in some way, which causes their input to be skewed. A therapist can provide a neutral view of the relationship and has the experience to offer perspective and tools that benefit the relationship as a whole rather than one partner.

You Can Improve The Connection And Communication In Your Relationship

If you’re ready to take a step forward in your relationship, or if you have additional questions about couples counseling at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact us.