Depression Treatment

Are You Struggling To Get Through The Day?

Have you been feeling down or sad for a long time? Do you sometimes become tearful for no reason? Do you find that you are no longer interested in the things you used to enjoy? Maybe you have little to no energy. Perhaps you have felt this way for a long time and wish you could feel better but nothing seems to help. Or, maybe these feelings have started recently and you don’t know why. Do you just wish you could feel like yourself again? You may be suffering from one of the forms of depression.depression treatment_01

Many People Struggle With Depression

Although you may feel alone, depression is one of the most common mental health issues worldwide. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, about 7 percent of U.S adults experience major depressive disorder every year. Symptoms of depression include changes in sleep, appetite, concentration and mood, as well as hopelessness, low self-esteem and lack of energy and interest. These feelings of hopelessness and low energy may make you feel that you will never get better, or that seeking help would take too much effort. You may feel like you’re caught in a vicious cycle in which symptoms of depression make it harder to seek help.

Depression can lead to feelings of isolation, and it may be hard to talk to family and friends about what you’re going through. You may feel misunderstood or worry about burdening others. You may long to connect with people again but not know how. If you’ve been struggling with depression for a long time, you may feel like there is no hope.

But, at Chupik Counseling in Austin, Temple and Killeen, TX, you can find relief and learn to manage distressing symptoms and emotions. Depression is a medical illness that can be effectively treated with therapy and sometimes medication.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Feel Better And Enjoy Life Again

A compassionate, knowledgeable therapist can help you understand and cope with your depression symptoms. The experienced therapists at Chupik Counseling offer support and genuine concern in a safe, non-judgmental space. With depression treatment, you can find hope and increased self-confidence.

depression treatment_02Our therapists can provide information about depression to help you better understand what you have been experiencing. We can offer coping and stress-reduction strategies that you can implement immediately to help ease your symptoms. Depression treatment helps create changes in your daily life, so the work extends beyond the therapy session as you practice the skills learned in therapy. We can work together to move from a place of hopelessness to one of hope.

Our approach to depression treatment is always solution-focused and strength-based. Everyone is different, and everyone experiences depression differently, so your therapist will focus on you as an individual. There are many different approaches to the treatment of depression, and our experienced therapists can help you find the most effective treatment for you.

With depression treatment, you can experience an improved mood and greater sense of well-being. Your therapist can help you recognize your strengths and draw on your resources to create a joyful life. You can reconnect with yourself and the people in your life and find deeper joy and meaning in your relationships.

You may feel that depression treatment would help guide you through this difficult time, but you may still have questions or concerns…

I’m embarrassed to talk about my problems with someone else. Shouldn’t I be able to get over this on my own?

Many people feel ashamed about needing help coping with depression. You may feel like seeking support is an expression of weakness, or feel uncomfortable talking about your problems. All that said, depression can be debilitating and seeking treatment is the first step toward getting better. We know it takes courage to get help dealing with the pain of depression. Picking up the phone to make an appointment can be the hardest step, but it is also the beginning of a journey into hope.

Some members of my family or community think that I don’t need therapy.

Depression is a medical illness—not a sign of weakness. While widespread understanding of depression is growing, there can still be stigma associated with seeking depression treatment. You may have had some people in your life tell you to push through, focus on the positive, or that your mood will improve with time. Although their intentions may be positive, depression is different from the ordinary sadness that most people experience from time to time, so the coping strategies friends and family members may suggest are usually not effective. In fact, trying to put on a happy face may make you feel worse. A therapist understands the unique challenges of depression and can help you cope with your symptoms and feel better using techniques that have been shown to work.

Is depression treatment worth the time and money?

It is important to remember, depression is a medical illness. Wouldn’t you normally seek help for any other medical problem? You may be ready to try depression therapy, but worry about the time and money. Depression treatment is an investment in yourself, and the long-term impact on your health and happiness can be profound. Most insurance companies cover depression counseling, so the out of pocket cost to you may be minimal. Counseling can help you find greater meaning in your life and cultivate a sense of peace and healing. The positive impacts of counseling on your life are worth the time and money, and can create lasting change.

You Can Find Joy Again

If you need support in this difficult time, or if you still have questions about depression treatment at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact our office and schedule an initial consultation.