Eating Disorders Treatment

Do You Feel Like Eating Is The Only Thing You Can Control In Your Life?

Do you use eating as a way to cope with difficult emotions, stress or anxiety? Are you struggling with new experiences, high expectations or a difficult transition like a change in career or finding out your spouse is being deployed? Do you plan your day and social interactions around your meals and become anxious when you can’t stick to your routine? Maybe you use or restrict food as a way to feel confident and in control, but the behavior is starting to feel like an irresistible compulsion. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed by your eating patterns and become increasingly isolated as you try to hide your behavior from youreating disorders treatment_02 partner, friends or colleagues. Over time, your secretive behavior can interfere with relationships, and unhealthy eating habits can cause serious medical problems, including osteoporosis, kidney failure and increased risk of heart failure. You may understand that you have an eating disorder, but struggle to identify the root cause or how to make a change.

Friends and family members may try to help by giving you advice, telling you to “just start eating more.” But changing the way you think about food can be difficult when you are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating or other eating disorders. When your loved ones fail to recognize what you’re going through and how difficult recovery can be, their attempts to provide support may backfire and leave you feeling misunderstood and isolated. Do you wish you could identify and address the underlying cause of your eating disorder and find healthier ways to cope with personal, professional and relationship challenges?

Many Individuals Feel Alone As They Struggle With An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders affect an estimated 30 million Americans every year, but studies are often underfunded and they are rarely talked about in our society. Many individuals feel alone in their suffering and keep their struggles a secret from friends or spouses, either too embarrassed or hopeless to seek the professional care and support they need. In addition, eating disorders often stem from or co-occur alongside other mood disorders and challenges, including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and alcohol or substance abuse. Many individuals struggle to make the connection between their eating disorder and other difficulties in their life. And, many try to change their behavior without addressing the underlying pain or discomfort that caused it.

The good news is there is help and hope for recovery. With professional eating disorder treatment, you can understand the root causes of your struggles with food and learn effective coping strategies to alleviate compulsory eating behavior and urges. At Chupik Counseling you can change the way you think about food, find healthier ways to manage stress and achieve lasting recovery.

Eating Disorder Treatment Can Help You Take Control

When you are committed to your recovery and the therapeutic process, eating disorder treatment can be help you take control of your life. In many cases the most effective approach will involve a combination of medication and psychotherapy. At Chupik Counseling we understand that overcoming your challenges requires an approach tailored to your specific needs. It can take years to learn practical coping strategies, change your thougheating disorders treatment_01t process and address the factors that precipitated the eating disorder. But, with the right guidance and support, you can understand why you are struggling and develop strategies to negate harmful thoughts and behaviors in the future.

Eating disorders can begin for a wide variety of reasons and often co-occur with mood disorders like anxiety and depression. As a result, there is no one-size-fits all treatment. During our therapy sessions, we will work together to identify and explore your unique strengths, challenges, goals and needs. By incorporating methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) shown to be effective in treating anxiety and depression as well as eating disorder treatment, you can begin to recognize and change harmful thoughts and behaviors. Instead of giving in to your urges around food you can learn healthier ways to cope with difficult emotions and triggers.

Eating disorder treatment can be a difficult process, but you can be successful if you are invested in your recovery and truly desire sustainable health and wellness. With compassionate counseling and a strategic approach, it is possible to develop a healthy relationship with food. If you aren’t sure if you are ready to get started, eating disorder treatment can still give you the tools you need to better manage anxiety and depression, work through past issues and replace self-blame with self-confidence.

At Chupik Counseling, we have helped individuals learn to manage eating disorders and other co-occurring issues for over 20 years. Our therapists have experience providing eating disorder treatment for clients as they dealt with a wide variety of personal, relationship and professional difficulties. With the right resources and compassionate support, you can find healthier ways to cope with challenges, change the way you think about food and feel in control of your life.

But you may still have questions or concerns about eating disorder treatment…

Is it really possible to get better?

You may have tried eating disorder treatment in the past but failed to see the results you needed. Perhaps you weren’t given practical tools and resources. Or, maybe your treatment focused on eating disorder symptoms and your physical health but never addressed the root cause that led to your unhealthy thoughts and eating habits. Unlike overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, you can’t simply avoid food. As a result, eating disorder treatment will take time if you wish to truly break free of your compulsions. But with the right guidance, support and treatment approach, recovering from an eating disorder is possible.

Do I really have an eating disorder?

It is natural to wonder if you truly have a diagnosable eating disorder or if you are just going through a period of increased stress or anxiety. The therapists at Chupik Counseling can help you understand why you are struggling and develop an effective treatment approach tailored to your particular needs.

You Can Be Healthy And Confident

If you are ready to feel in control of your eating decisions, or if you have additional questions about eating disorder treatment or would like to schedule an appointment we encourage you to contact us.