Parenting Counseling

Is Your Child’s Behavior Making You Feel Like A Bad Parent?

parenting counseling coaching_3Is it difficult to understand what your child is going through? Do you feel unsure about how you can help him or her? Are you worried about your child’s decision making and how it will impact his or her safety and future? Are you struggling to manage constant behavior problems like emotional meltdowns, physical aggression, dawdling and an inability to focus? Maybe your child is becoming increasingly non-compliant and oppositional. You may feel like every conversation is a power struggle as your child argues against every instruction and refuses to follow rules. Perhaps you have discovered or are concerned about conduct issues like lying, stealing or vandalism, but don’t know how to intervene. Or your child’s behavior might be a result of trying to cope with trauma, anxiety or depression. Do you wish you could learn practical and effective ways to communicate with your child, manage disruptive behavior and foster a healthy parent-child relationship?

Many Parents Feel Guilty When Their Child Is Suffering

Many parents who struggle with ongoing or extreme child behavior challenges feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed, like they have somehow fallen short as caretakers. But, there is no one right way to parent, and no parent can anticipate every challenge that his or her child will go through. The truth is that children deal with a range of issues for a wide variety of reasons, including depression, anxiety, trauma, bullying at school and lack of social skills. The array of experiences that children can go through often makes it difficult for parents to recognize the cause of their child’s misbehavior or suffering. Many parents also experience a loss when it comes to what steps they can take to provide effective support.

Thankfully, you do not have to navigate these challenges alone. With effective parenting counseling, you can learn the communication and parenting skills you need to manage difficult behavior and improve your relationship with your child.

“Parenting Counseling” and “Parenting Training”

We use the phrase “Parent Counseling” on this webpage because many struggling parents search for that term. In fact, a better term to use for our approach would be “Parent Training”. Children do not come with instruction manuals, and sometimes we all need help understanding our children. As parents, we can become so entrenched in the day to day lives and hustle of parenting that, often, just the fresh observations of a trained professional are helpful. The counselors and psychologists who work at Chupik Counseling in Austin, Temple and Killeen have specialized training and experience to help you understand your child, his or her development and how to effectively instill the behaviors that you as a parent know are best. We do not tell you how you should raise your child; instead we give you the tools to effectively parent your child through the struggles of development. Learning these tools and techniques will better equip you to respond to tough situations and behaviors.

Parenting Counseling Can Help You Manage Difficult Behavior

parenting counseling coaching_2There is a great deal of research that shows how important effective parent involvement is on the development of a child. This is even more important when the child is having significant behavior problems. Our approached is designed to help you improve communication with your child and understand and address the source of his or her behavior challenges. Whether you are already participating Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) or individual child therapy, parent training can help you respond to difficulties and foster a healthy, happy relationship with your child.

In sessions, we’ll work with you and your child to tailor our approach to your particular goals and needs. By building on your strengths and working collaboratively to address challenges, you can learn more effective ways to support your child. When we are all working as a team toward the same goal, you can improve compliance and reduce family stress and conflict. Parent training is often completed in addition to individual child therapy or PCIT to help you see meaningful results faster. If your child refuses to come to therapy—or if you are concerned about parenting following a separation or divorce—you may still benefit from parenting counseling.

Parent training at Chupik Counseling uses evidence based approaches to help parents improve child management skills. In parent training sessions, parents learn how to give effective commands, reward appropriate behavior and be consistent in discipline and follow-through.

The therapists at Chupik Counseling have been working with children and parents for years. We understand the unique challenges you are facing, and can provide you with the skills, coaching and support needed to foster productive interactions and a closer connection with your child. With effective parent training, you can learn healthy ways to manage difficult behavior and rebuild or enhance your relationship with your child.

But you may still have questions or concerns about effective parenting counseling…

There are so many ways to work with my child—I just wish I had more information.

When you come in for your first parenting counseling session, we will work with you to provide information and resources as well as practical skills and training. You will have an opportunity to discuss the issues you are struggling with, identify barriers that may have limited the effectiveness of past treatment approaches and develop helpful strategies to reach your parenting goals.

My child is in individual child therapy. Why would I also need parenting counseling?

Individual child therapy can be an important first step in helping you and your child cope with difficult emotions and behavior. But, studies have shown that you can achieve faster and more significant changes when you are involved in your child’s therapy and participate parenting counseling.

I’ve already tried everything and nothing works.

There are many resources and training programs available to parents, and you may feel like you have tried them all to no effect. With parenting counseling at Chupik Counseling, we use collaborative problem solving and a strengths-based approach to help you develop effective child management skills that work for your family.

You Can Learn Effective Parenting Skills

If you want to learn effective parenting skills and better support your child, or if you still have questions about parenting counseling, we invite you to contact our office and schedule an initial consultation.