Pornography Addiction Treatment

What is Pornography Addiction And Can Someone Really Be Addicted?

First, it is important to mention that pornography is a controversial topic to say the least; individuals have differing views on pornography. We do not take any position in this debate nor do we judge. What we care about at Chupik Counseling is the well-being of our clients. If pornography is causing you significant distress, be it in your personal life or in your relationship, we can help you navigate this problem.

We use the word “addiction” because that is what many search for when looking for help surrounding a pornography related issue. It should be understood, however, that there is not a specific diagnosis for pornography addiction. As with other activities, such as compulsive gambling, social media overuse, etc., it is debated in the psychology world as to whether these are impulse control issues, emotional attachments or if they can be labeled as activities in which individuals can abuse and then become addicted.

Regardless of the labels put on pornography issues, it most certainly can have unintended negative effects on personal wellbeing and relationships. At Chupik Counseling we can work with you as an individual or we can work with you and your partner in couples counseling to address these issues.

Has Pornography Addiction Created Tension Or Mistrust In Your Relationship?

pornography addiction treatment_1Has pornography use or abuse left you feeling guilty, ashamed or isolated? Is your partner pressuring you to quit using pornography? Or, are you worried that he or she will leave you after discovering your habit? The use of pornography is often considered taboo, and you may suffer anxiety or depression as you struggle to find someone who understands your compulsion and won’t judge you. You may sneak off to watch pornography at work in an attempt to avoid using it at home.

Alternately, you might struggle with sexual dysfunction or trust issues in your relationship as a result of your pornography use. You may have become desensitized and experience arousal problems or orgasm issues. You might avoid sexual intimacy with your partner due to these complications.

Some attempt to keep their pornography use hidden, but keeping the secret can lead to increased distance, miscommunication and mistrust in your relationship. Do you wish you could learn to control or eliminate your pornography use and experience more physical and emotional intimacy with your partner?

Many Individuals Struggle With Pornography Outside Of Relationships

Maybe you are finding your obsession with pornography distracting. Perhaps you feel like you can’t stay focused unless you view pornography. You may continually view it at work even though you know that the misuse of time and company resources can lead to serious disciplinary action and even the loss of your job.

Are you experiencing a reduction in the drive to seek a fulfilling real-life personal relationship; do you suspect it might be because you are attempting to fulfill those needs with pornography? While pornography may aid in momentary satisfaction, you miss out on all of the other wonderful things a real relationship brings to your life.

Sex is a natural part of life and a completely normal human desire. The ease in which our current technology gives access to arousing sexual content has transformed our society in many ways. Be it right or wrong, this is the reality of our world. As a result, pornography use has become even more widespread by both men and women. What matters to us at Chupik Counseling are your personal beliefs and your well-being. If you are viewing pornography and it is causing you distress, anxiety, guilt or depression because pornography is in conflict with your personal beliefs, that is an issue that should be addressed. If you are turning to pornography for sexual fulfillment, this may be hampering your desire and ability to find a true and meaningful relationship. Pornography use can become such a strong impulse that it disrupts our lives.

But, there is good news. Pornography addiction treatment can help you understand these impulses and the extent to which they are affecting your personal life. Together with a therapist at Chupik Counseling, you can explore what you want from life, how to be true to who you are learn to control impulses that may be causing issues in your life or relationship.

Pornography Addiction Treatment Can Help You Find Understanding And Healing

Many pornography users develop or explore specific fetishes, which can create additional problems in their relationships. They may feel alone or “weird” because they’re attracted to something that is considered taboo. Others become increasingly isolated within their relationship as their spouse tells them that they are wrong, disgusting or ruining the marriage.

pornography addiction treatment_2Pornography addiction treatment can help you find meaningful and lasting change. If you are having relationship difficulties due to pornography we provide a safe environment and compassionate counseling to help you and your partner learn to communicate openly and honestly about how pornography makes you feel. We can help you identify and address the reason why pornography use has become a problem personally, professionally or in your relationship. When you understand what needs you are trying to fill with pornography and why your partner may feel jealous, hurt or afraid, you can work together to heal and strengthen your relationship.

In couples counseling, you and your spouse can learn how to communicate and hold each other accountable in your relationship. Rather than being secretive around your partner and trying to hide the challenges you are facing, you can learn to turn to him or her for support in times of need. Likewise, your partner can recognize that recovery from addiction takes time and support, and continued urges are a natural part of addiction recovery.

Our therapists take a client-centered approach to therapy; and we utilize cognitive reframing to help you alleviate compulsions and find alternate activities that can satisfy your need and break the habit. To help you address challenges in your relationship and continue your recovery between sessions, we provide homework and communication exercises for you and your spouse to complete independently and together as a couple. At Chupik Counseling, we will help you face these relationship challenges and work together to build a stronger relationship.

The therapists at Chupik Counseling in Austin, Temple, and Killen will not only help you explore relationship issues related to pornography use, but they will help you implement the changes you want for your life. We help you identify the challenges you want to address and developing effective solutions. You take an active role in your recovery and you can realize meaningful and lasting change if you are held accountable during our work together. When you understand your personal and relationship goals, you can begin taking steps to reduce or eliminate pornography use.

But you may still have questions or concerns about pornography addiction treatment…

What if someone finds out I am addicted to pornography?

There is no official diagnosis for pornography addiction, so this information won’t go back to your insurance company or be relayed to your employer. Our work together is completely confidential, and the only people who will know about it are those you choose to tell.

I’m too embarrassed to talk about my pornography use.

In our society there is a great deal of shame and guilt surrounding the use of pornography. At Chupik Counseling, we help you see that you are not alone in your pornography use or needing pornography addiction treatment and your situation is common. We welcome you with compassionate, non-judgmental counseling and offer practical tools and resources so you can feel safe and supported as you work to understand and change your pornography use.

I’m worried I will be labeled a porn addict.

There is no documented label in terms of a pornography addiction diagnosis (like there is for drug addicts, alcoholics and other addictions). We help you and your partner learn how to improve communication and work through challenges without reverting to pornography or holding prior pornography use over the other’s head. In some cases, you may choose to continue with couples counseling instead of or after pornography addiction treatment.

You Can Reduce Your Urges And Stop Using Pornography

If you are ready to take control of your pornography use, or if you have additional questions about couples or individual counseling for pornography addiction treatment, we invite you to contact us to schedule an initial consultation.