PTSD Treatment in Killeen

Are You Struggling To Find Peace After A Traumatic Event?

Have you experienced a trauma that you haven’t been able to recover from, perhaps months or years later? Do you feel constantly anxious or afraid even when there is no immediate threat or indication that anything bad will happen? Are you having trouble sleeping, suffering from insomnia or nightmares? Perhaps you’re plagued by memories and flashbacks of the traumatic event. Maybe certain triggers cause you to feel like you’re living through the trauma again, even if the trauma occurred years ago. Do you wish you could just forget what happened, but the feelings and memories keep coming back?

ptsd treatment killeen tx_2Living with the aftereffects of trauma, especially if trauma becomes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can be a lonely, confusing and even frightening experience. Family and friends may struggle to understand what you’re going through, causing you to feel isolated and alone. You may find yourself withdrawing from the people around you, avoiding social events and having conflicts with friends and family. It can be hard to stay present and maintain focus, especially if you constantly feel on edge. You may wish that you could just get over it but struggle to find any lasting form of relief. And, you may have turned to drugs, alcohol or other potentially harmful ways to cope with pain or numb out completely. Do you wish you could process your trauma and move forward in life with more balance, calmness and ease?

Trauma Has Many Effects

Traumatic events affect individuals differently. Not all trauma experiences results in PTSD. PTSD is most commonly associated with combat-related stress, although it can occur following any traumatic event in which a person felt significantly threatened and hopeless or helpless to fight back or flee. When a person develops PTSD, some or all of the following symptoms are present: hypervigilance, hyperarousal, flashbacks, nightmares, sleep disturbance and fear of reactions he or she might have in public places or large crowds. Reintegrating into everyday life after the intensity of combat situations, rape, abuse, violent crime or an accident can be painful and difficult, and you may find that you need help with the transition. Trauma can have an impact long after the event itself. If you feel like it’s taking you longer than it should to get over your experience, it’s important to remember that, left unresolved, symptoms can persist for months or years after the trauma.

Anger is commonly associated with PTSD, and you may find yourself responding to people and situations with intense anger or irritation. These responses may be causing painful rifts with friends and family. You may feel that you are not acting like yourself, and wish that you could be the person you were before the trauma occurred. On the other hand, you may feel misunderstood by the people around you and angry at the world. Anger can be a justified response to a traumatic event, but it can also stand in the way of rebuilding your life. A therapist can help you move through your anger and come to a place of healing.

Sometimes, people struggling with PTSD self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, and this can add to the problem. Drugs and alcohol provide a temporary but unhealthy escape from the painful symptoms of PTSD, and you may have found that life seems too difficult to manage without them. And, substance abuse can become a problem in its own right, adding to problems with family and friends. In addition, it may be preventing you from dealing with the effects of trauma, making it take longer to move forward in your life.

PTSD Treatment Can Help You Process Trauma, Find Relief And Move Forward

ptsd treatment killeen tx_1PTSD treatment can be highly effective. A compassionate, knowledgeable therapist can help you understand and cope with your symptoms and move through the painful past to reclaim your life. The therapists at Chupik Counseling can help you better understand yourself and your experiences in a warm, safe environment that is free from judgment. With PTSD treatment, you can process past trauma and find a place of peace and well-being.

We use many different treatment modalities, including talk therapy and EMDR, and will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that best addresses your unique history, personality and therapy needs and goals. Our therapists are highly experienced in PTSD treatment, and will focus on you as an individual, using their skills to provide treatment that is tailor-made for you.

Our approach to PTSD treatment is always client-centered and solution-focused. We offer tips, techniques and strategies that you can use to calm anxiety, manage anger and reconnect to the people in your life. There are many skills and strategies that you can learn and implement in your life to promote peace and healing.

With PTSD treatment, you can experience increased well-being, decreased PTSD symptoms and higher energy levels. As your symptoms diminish, there is more room for positive feelings and stronger, healthier relationships in your life. With guidance, support and an effective therapeutic approach, you can find peace of mind and cultivate strong relationships once again.

You may need support while navigating this challenging time, but still have questions or concerns about PTSD treatment…

I’m embarrassed to seek help for something that I think I should be able to get over myself.

Many people feel ashamed about needing help working through a trauma. You may feel like you should be able to get over it on your own, or that seeking a therapist for PTSD treatment is an expression of weakness. You may have encountered stigma around therapy and worry that others might judge you. All that said, trauma has profound effects, and it can be very difficult to recover on your own. There is no shame in taking active steps to get better. In fact, it takes courage to get help in confronting a painful past. PTSD treatment can help you navigate the challenges of trauma and find hope for the future.

I’m worried that talking about my feelings will bring up difficult emotions and make me feel worse.

It can be scary to talk about the intense feelings that arise after a trauma. People suffering from PTSD often find themselves re-experiencing the traumatic event over and over, and you may worry that talking about it will make it worse. You may feel that suppressing your emotions, keeping them to yourself or trying not to feel them at all is the best way to deal with them. However, ignoring these painful feelings is likely to cause more problems in the long run. While it can be difficult at first, sharing your unique experience of trauma with an understanding therapist can help you work through the grief process with more ease, come to a better understanding of what happened and explore how you can move forward in your life.

Is PTSD treatment worth the time and money?

You may feel that treatment would help you but worry about the cost in money or time. Most insurance plans cover PTSD treatment. Treatment is an investment in yourself, your health and your relationships. Counseling can restore balance in your life, help repair your relationships and allow you to function in ways that are meaningful and productive. The positive impacts of counseling on your life are worth the time and money, and will create lasting change.

There Is Life And Joy After Trauma

If you need help navigating the emotions and experience of PTSD, or if you still have questions about PTSD treatment at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact our office and schedule an initial consultation.