Christian Counseling

Are You Seeking A Therapist Who Respects And Honors Your Faith?

OptimizediStock_000051251460_MediumAre you a Christian struggling with a mental health or emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or grief? Are you experiencing difficulties with communication and connection in your relationship or family? Maybe you’ve tried counseling before, and felt that your therapist downplayed the role of faith in your life. Or, perhaps you felt uncomfortable with your therapist’s recommendations, especially if they weren’t in line with your religious beliefs. Do you want to work with an individual, couples or family therapist who shares your values?

You may be having difficulties that would benefit from the help of a psychotherapist. If faith is an important part of your life and something you want to incorporate into therapy, you may be uncomfortable seeing a counselor who doesn’t understand, relate to or honor your beliefs. The experience of seeking a Christian therapist in a largely secular field can be daunting. You may have wondered if it’s possible to find an experienced, skilled therapist who supports both your mental health needs and your religious beliefs.

Chupik Counseling has many therapists of faith who would be happy to work with you!

Faith And Psychology Can Work Together

The good news is that there are many therapists of faith who understand that religion and spirituality are an asset. They understand that these assets can work congruently with most proven psychological theories such as cognitive behavioral and client centered therapy. At Chupik Counseling, we have therapists who will respect your faith. We will help you work through challenging issues; and provide an environment in which you can feel safe, honored and respected while using proven psychological methods.

Your Faith Can Help You Heal!

In Christian counseling, you will have a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential space to address the thoughts, feelings and issues in your life that are causing you pain and uncertainty.   At Chupik Counseling, therapy can include an inquiry into the meaning of faith in your life and how it can help you heal. Our therapists understand that your faith is important and helpful fChristian_therapy_02or maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing. And, if you desire it to be, Christianity can be a central part of your therapy experience. With the help of your therapist, you can explore the role of religion in your life, investigating your spiritual support system in order to create a plan for healing that is consistent with your faith.

At Chupik Counseling, sound psychological perspectives are used in a way that does not ignore faith. Our therapists can make religious applications in a personalized, respectful way that combines psychotherapy and basic truths of faith. In Christian counseling, we weave the psychological with the spiritual.

For our therapists, Christian counseling is a practical matter. We offer concrete steps that can help you move forward in your life. Looking at the root causes of issues and gaining insight are important, and your therapist can provide you with healing techniques and strategies that you can practice at home. Your therapist can work with you to draw hope from your religious tradition and use your beliefs to help guide the healing process.

Our Christian therapists look to God to guide them in offering Christian counseling. This spiritual guidance leads to a humble approach. In conjunction with talk therapy, our counselors may offer handouts and reading materials—appropriate and up-to-date books and articles—that can enhance your insight into what you are going through. These supplemental materials can be psychological or theological. At Chupik Counseling, you can feel respected and supported by your faith as you work toward growth and healing.

But, you may still have some questions or concerns about Christian counseling…

I have had bad experiences with therapists who have made recommendations that are in conflict with my religious values or downplayed my beliefs. Will that happen here?

Our therapists are committed to providing care that respects and celebrates the role of faith in your life, rather than ignoring or it. Faith can be incredibly empowering, and we believe that it has an important role in psychological healing. Our therapists accept you completely, and if your faith is important to you, it’s important to us.

My church isn’t psychology-friendly. I’m worried about what my pastor and religious community would say if they knew I was considering therapy.

In some churches, there is a sense that a good Christian shouldn’t need psychological counseling. You may have been told that prayer is sufficient to solve any problems that you encounter. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself struggling with something that you need a therapist’s help with. We understand that seeking therapy can be difficult if your church does not support it, and we can discuss these issues and others in counseling. Our therapists believe that God supports healing in whatever form is necessary as long as that does not compromise the ethical and moral standards set by our faith. We believe that God wants to improve lives, and that Christian counseling is one way to do that.

Counseling is expensive and time-consuming. Can’t I just talk to my family, friends or minister?

While family, friends and other important people in your life can provide support and guidance, there are times when you may benefit from talking with an unbiased professional third party. In Christian counseling, you can work through challenges in your life or mental health issues with someone who respects your faith, will not judge you and is trained to help you manage challenges. Christian counseling is an investment in yourself and your future. You deserve to feel and function well, and to flourish in your life and relationships. At Chupik Counseling, our counselors have the experience, knowledge, skills and commitment to guide you through any mental health challenges you are facing.

You Can Find The Relief, Support And Guidance You Need Though Christian Counseling

If you are ready to work through challenging issues with a therapist who respects and honors your faith, or if you still have questions about Christian counseling at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact our office. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.