Group Therapy

Are You Or A Loved One Struggling To Talk About The Challenges In Your Life?

Are you having a hard time making connections or building relationships with people? Do you feel helpless to manage issues like depression, anxiety, a panic disorder, grief and loss? Has shyness, low self-esteem or a lack of social skills left you feeling isolated or helpless to engage in meaningful relationships and live a fulfilling life? You may recognize that you need to learn more effective coping techniques and communication skills, but don’t know where to start or who you can talk to. Perhaps you have tried individual counseling in the past, but didn’t learn the practical skills you wanted or needed to. Do you wish you had the resources, skills and support system you need to manage distress, process difficult emotions and foster healthy relationships? Group therapy at Chupik Counseling may be the resource you have been seeking.

Why Choose Group Therapy Over Or In Addition To Individual Therapy?

group therapyGroup therapy has been practiced in the United States for over 100 years. Extensive research has shown that it can be as effective as individual counseling in helping people manage personal and social issues like depression, anxiety or low self-esteem. A group setting provides a feeling of community and universality that can be a powerful resource and source of strength as you work toward healing and growth. In addition to learning practical social and coping skills, a group setting gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and see that there are others who feel the same way that you do. Many of our clients have expressed that they sometimes find it easier to accept suggestions and advice from peers who have dealt with similar challenges in their lives than from a therapist or family members. You are all essentially in the same boat together, which allows you to learn from one another’s setbacks and successes. In addition to receiving hope and encouragement from multiple people, you can see your own potential for recovery in members who have been with the group and achieved success.

Group therapy at Chupik Counseling can give you the resources, support and practical tools you need to manage difficult emotions, cope with distressing symptoms and increase interpersonal and communication skills. We run various groups that cater to different ages and issues.

Many Clients Supplement Or Replace One-On-One Counseling With Group Therapy

A group setting offers you an opportunity to engage with other people who have been through similar experiences. At Chupik Counseling in Austin, Temple and Killeen, we provide a safe group environment where you can learn from and feel supported by peers. And, with the guidance and encouragement of an experienced group therapist, you can develop the coping techniques and social skills you need to feel confident, connected and hopeful in your personal life and relationships.

We take a strength-based approach to group sessions, helping you see and build on the successes of other members. Rather than hearing about how a skill or technique can help you deal with challenges, you can speak with individuals who have actually put that approach into practice. Receiving support and experiencing hope in a group setting can help you feel more connected and less isolated as you work to address challenges in your life.

We tailor our therapeutic approach to best address the needs of each group member. We mold your group around the challenges and symptoms you and other members are struggling with, helping you develop specific coping techniques and practice interpersonal skills. By fostering healthy interactions and dialogue with the members of your group, you can practice entering into and maintaining relationships with other individuals. We emphasize a safe, confidential and supportive environment where you can learn how to recognize and reduce challenges and communicate your wants and needs with more clarity.

Depending on the challenges you are facing and the skills you wish to build, group therapy can be an effective supplement or alternative to individual counseling. Although some people only engage in group therapy, many attend groups as well as see an individual therapist. Often, clients identify issues during group sessions that could be more effectively addressed in a separate, one-on-one setting with a therapist. If you’re not sure what approach will work for you, we can help you find the best treatment and support system for your particular needs.

The therapists at Chupik Counseling have extensive experience helping individuals learn coping skills and improve communication in group and individual settings. We have seen how effective group therapy can be in helping clients feel less isolated and more hopeful about their situation. With the right therapy approach, you can learn the skills you need to manage challenges and feel confident in your personal life and relationships.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about group therapy…

I’m not comfortable sharing intimate details about my life with a group of strangers.

Sharing your personal story and the challenges you face can be intimidating, and almost everyone feels some level of worry or doubt when joining or sharing with a new group. That said, we provide a safe environment and emphasize confidentiality so you can speak freely in sessions without fear of judgment from other group members. All group members must sign a confidentiality agreement, and all groups are led by an experienced therapist at Chupik Counseling.

Remember, everyone in the group share similar concerns and issues with yourself; and most have felt the exact same way as you do now. Being with those who have similar struggles has a liberating effect and most feelings of uncomfortableness will go away once you have worked with the group. When everyone in the group is working together, you can feel more comfortable and familiar with each other and the group process.

My schedule won’t allow me to attend therapy at the same time every week.

While individual therapy sessions can be rescheduled to accommodate your needs, group sessions are held at a set time each week. If your schedule requires significant scheduling flexibility or if you do shift work, we may recommend individual counseling as a more effective approach than meeting with a group.

If I split therapy time with other group members, won’t it take longer for me to recover?

It is a common concern to worry that sharing therapy time with other group members means that you aren’t getting as much time for yourself. In actuality, however, group therapy is often more efficient than one-on-one counseling because you benefit from hearing about the experiences, problems, suggestions and solutions that other group members bring in.

You Can Feel Confident And Supported In Group Therapy

If you are ready to learn practical communication and coping skills in a supportive environment, or if you still have questions about group therapy at Chupik Counseling, we invite you to contact our office.